Algorithmic Transparency Standard

Version 0.3.1 (beta)

About the standard

The Algorithmic Transparency Standard is a set of shared categories of information that cities can use to help people understand how the algorithms used in local administrations work, and what their purpose is. It also allows people to compare different algorithms within and across cities. This standard supports documenting decisions and assumptions for both management of artificial intelligence (AI) governance and provide meaningful transparency in a standardized way. To learn more about what the standard is and how it works, read our guidance page.

Below is a live preview of the current data schema, version 0.3.1 (beta). It contains the categories of information that cities should fill in about their algorithms to create a clear and comparable overview. These fields refer to different phases of the algorithm life cycle. Required attributes are coloured blue.

Once you feel comfortable with the categories and descriptions, please download the .csv template or the Excel template and fill in the information in relation to your city. When you are happy that the information is complete, the idea is for you to upload it on your own public website for full transparency. A complete overview of how to fill in the template is available on our guidance page.

For technical users, a json schema file is also available.

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